Healthy and Comfortable

  • 9½ foot floor-to-ceiling windows provide vast unobstructed Rocky Mountain views and bring natural light deep into workspaces – for a bright, energetic and productive environment.
  • Under floor systems replace stale, stuffy air with outdoor fresh air – for a healthy and refreshing environment.
  • Employees can control airflow and temperature in each workspace to meet their individual needs and comfort levels.

Studies show comfortable office settings benefiting from technologies like 1800 Larimer’s help employees work more effectively, reduce sick days, and increase employee retention. In fact, a BOMA survey of tenants ranked comfort the most important attribute when leasing office space.

The Research
Do Green Buildings Make Dollars and Sense?”
University of San Diego/CB Richard Ellis
November 11, 2009
Also featured in BusinessWeek Magazine
Key Findings:

  • Air quality, individual thermal controls and better lighting range improved productivity by an average of almost 5% — equals about $20 per square foot in savings per year
  • Employees average nearly three fewer sick days or about $5 per square foot in annual savings

Marketing Green Buildings to Owners of Leased Properties”
Canada Green Building Council
August 23, 2007
Key Findings:

  • 30% productivity improvement possible with optimal indoor environmental quality
  • Tenants ranked comfortable temperature as the most important attribute when leasing office space
  • Improved ventilation has been found to:
    • Enhance productivity by 4% – 17%
    • Reduce absenteeism by 35%
    • Reduce illness by 9% – 50%
  • Greater control of ventilation linked to 0.5% – 11% higher productivity

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