Inside 1800 Larimer, smart design and state-of-the-art building technologies create more productive and healthy workspaces by taking advantage of the outside environment—natural light and fresh air:

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows (9 ½ feet high) bring natural light deep into workspaces while interior lighting systems can adjust automatically to changing daylight.
  • Under floor air systems use principles of convection to remove stale, stuffy air, and allow employees to individually control airflow and temperature in each workspace.
  • Raised floor environments enable reconfiguring space for ever-changing business needs. Movable wall options, and WIP wiring options for computers and telecom can be modified quickly with little disruption and at relatively minimal cost.
  • A centered four-interior column configuration enables the most efficient use of space in any building design. Results from a recent study show that 1800 Larimer’s space is 9-18% more efficient than five comparable office buildings.

Compelling new evidence shows that employee productivity increases of 6-16%1 can be achieved through better air quality, individual thermal controls, and better lighting range – all a part of the 1800 Larimer environment.

1. Greg Kats, Capital E, “Costs and Benefits of Green Buildings, 2003.

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