​Inside 1800 Larimer, smart design and state-of-the-art building technologies create more productive and healthy workspaces by taking advantage of the outside environment—natural light and fresh air:


Studies show comfortable office settings benefiting from technologies like 1800 Larimer’s help employees work more effectively, reduce sick days, and increase employee retention. In fact, a BOMA survey of tenants ranked comfort the most important attribute when leasing office space​.

1800 Larimer achieved this certification from the U.S. Green Building Council based on six categories:

Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency

Criteria looks at water indoor use & outdoor use, specialized uses, and metering and is based on an “efficiency first” approach to water conservation.


Sustainable Site

Rewards decisions about the environment surrounding the building, with credits that emphasize the vital relationships among buildings, ecosystems, and ecosystem services.


Energy & Atmosphere

Addresses energy use reduction, energy-efficient design strategies, and renewable energy sources.


Innovation & Design Process

Recognizes projects for innovative building features and sustainable building practices and strategies.


Materials & Resources

Focuses on minimizing the embodied energy and other impacts associated with the extraction, processing, transport, maintenance and disposal of building materials.


Indoor Air Quality

Rewards decisions made by project teams about indoor air quality and thermal, visual, and acoustic comfort. Quality environments enhance productivity, decrease absenteeism and can improve
the building’s value.